Wireless AU Socket Alexa Wifi Remote Control Tuya Home Power Mini Electrical Smart Plug

Short Description:

  • Rated Voltage: 100-240V
  • Product name: Smart Plug
  • Material: PC+ABS
  • Type: Plug With Socket
  • Size: 50*50*80MM
  • Color: White
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    About this item

    Voice Control with Voice Assistants
    When Alexa and Google Home sync with Cloud Intelligence App, smart plug gives hands-free voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to turn on/off your lamps, appliances or your devices group all over your home. Just using your voice to command and you will get what you want: ”Alexa, turn on the lights.” “Okay.”

    Enjoy hands-free voice control with Alexa, Google Assistant. Simply give a voice command to control the light when you are doing housework, sleeping in your cozy bed, holding your baby, etc.

    Control the connected light from anywhere by the App "Smart Life" on your smart phone. Added benefit of saving energy when lights are not needed or are left on by accident.


    Timer Schedule and Countdown on App
    Cloud Intelligence App compatible with iOS and Android smart phone. Sets multiple Timer Schedules and Countdown on App to turn on/off your fan, coffee maker, lamps at your pre-set time, say goodbye to multi-time click switch by hands. lets you do amazing things with your computer and phone.

    Set a countdown and the light will go off once the timing is reached. You can create a 5-min auto-off timer before your bedtime or set a 30-min playroom light off for your kid’s playtime.

    Automated Schedules

    Automate your lights to turn on or off at any time you choose. You can schedule a 19:00 porch light ON, so you will never come back to a dark house or set a 22:00 kid's room light OFF as a reminder for your kid's bedtime.

    How To Use

    Step 1. Connect your plug in the Smart Life App and name it.

    Step 2. Launch the Google Home app and make sure Google Home speaker is installed. If not, please follow Google Home speaker installation to complete the installation.

    Step 3. Once Google Home is installed, in the upper left corner of APP Home page, click button to show App menu. Then click "Home Control" in the menu.

    Step 4. On "Add device" page, scroll down to find and click "Smart Life". Sign in Smart Life app with your account and password.

    Step 5. Choose Smart life app in the dropdown menu to complete the account linking.

    Step 6. After successful account linking, in Google Home app you can see all the smart devices from your Smart Life app account.

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