Why we use All-in- one Smart IR Remote Controller ?

Have you ever got crazy when using plenty of remote controllers,for air conditioner ,TV, fan ,refrigerator etc. This all-in -one Smart IR Remote Controller is good gift idea for people who like smart products and want to get rid of messy controllers.


This All-in-one IR Remote Control is able to activate Air conditioners, TVs, fans, DVDs, STBs etc. Infrared device with one single infrared universal controller compatible with Alexa, google home. Support remote control via 'Smart Life' APP wirelessly, the diameter less than 16m satisfied with most living room and bedroom. Interesting DIY helps you connect more infrared devices you want and group family to lead a smart life together. Enjoy your smart life with ELMAK smart products.

Hands-Free Voice Control

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to voice your infrared device. Eg:Channel up/down and volume up/down your TV via your voice.


Control From Anywhere

Turn infrared devices on/off anytime from anywhere with your phone using 'Smart Life' APP(Compatible with Android & iOS). Turn on/ off your air conditioners,
Increase/decrease temperature, even set temperature to the degrees you want far from home.

Intelligent DIY learning function

If there is no brand or device you can find, add the infrared devices to control them via smart phone, besides DIY controlled devices are not compatible with Alexa, google home. A really easy way to control all your infrared devices at home more convenient.


Grouping your family

Control infrared devices at home with your family, have fun to enjoy smart life together efficiently.

Wide IR Control Range

Control the infrared devices within diameter 16m in one room, can use in most of the living rooms and bedrooms with wide range, meet the needs of the most families.


Here are some tips need to noted about this IR controller.It can only work with 38KHZ IR, just make sure your device is IR control or RF before purchasing. (Best way to distinguish IR and RF: Put hand in front of original remote,if it doesn't work ,its IR control . If it still works ,its RF control)
One single room one smart IR is recommended as infrared can not break
Only supports 2.4G Wifi connection/ System: Android 4.4 above and iOS 8.0 above.

Besides, it has a wide range of applications, many types of projects at home and abroad used it, include large airports, private villas, smart hotels, luxury cruise ships, holiday islands and smart control homes, etc.


Post time: Aug-08-2022